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Limited released winter mixed 8 pack. Includes 2 x cans of the following;

Frank Moses, a retired CIA agent who always finds himself in trouble. With a blend of suave charm and bitterness, Frank is a complex character. Prepare for another day filled with unexpected surprises and twists with this malt-driven, hop- slingin’ Dangerous Red Rye IPA.

500ml | 6.3% ALC/VOL

A magnificent blend of roasted malt and black malt sets the stage at midnight. Then comes the dancing panther, exuding a rich fruity essence leaving a trail of tantalising aromas in its wake. With every two-step, the dance of chocolate and coffee flavours begins.

500ml | 7.3% ALC/VOL

Czech Czech 1,2! Prepare to whirl and twirl with this vibrant dark lager. It harmonises roasted malt, subtle toffee notes, and a touch of spice. Finishing clean and crisp, it lingers with just a whisper of bitterness.

375ml | 5.5% ALC/VOL

Brewed with English hops and an impressive range of specialty malts. Robust coffee notes and cacao undertones are just some of the flavours to this complex but sessionable porter.

375ml | 5.3% ALC/VOL | AIBA Gold medal 2024, 2023 Best Porter, Silver 2022



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8 Pack