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Limited release mixed 6 pack. Includes 2 x 500 ml cans of the following;

Frank Moses, a retired CIA agent who always finds himself in trouble. With a blend of suave charm and bitterness, Frank is a complex character. Prepare for another day filled with unexpected surprises and twists with this malt-driven, hop- slingin’ Dangerous Red Rye IPA.

500ml | 6.3% ALC/VOL

This Fresh Hop Pale Ale is brewed using Galaxy® hops by HPA, freshly picked from their farm in Victoria’s High Country. Boasting a radiant golden colour with an enticing aroma. Showcasing tropical flavours of passionfruit and peach, complemented by citrus undertones and a subtle bitterness.

500ml | 5.6% ALC/VOL

Reverse It with this West Coast IPA that’s been kissed by the Aussie sun through the infusion of Vic Secret and Eclipse hops! A bold, balanced blend of pine, mandarin, and zesty citrus peel, all backed up by a firm bitterness.

500ml | 6.3% ALC/VOL


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