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Choc Fudge Stout Artwork
The Ninch Artwork
Ocean Reach Artist Mixed Cans

Artist Series.

The Peninsula and Gippsland, two towns that I can thank for shaping me for who I am today.

Relationships built, wave’s pursued, lands endeavoured, hands shaken, beers drank, all with the traits I’ve accomplished from the two towns that shaped my childhood and manhood.

I wanted to create two pieces to express a cheer to people I think deserve a cold beer more than anyone in the world.

The Ninch, a town built on fishing out at the heads, surfing gunnery on a fish, Gunna on a thruster or Crunchies on a single, chipping into the bucket for free piss with the crew or hitting the carts on some of the best fairways in the world and following through at the 19th. To coffee spots I dream about travelling, and catching the local kick around on a Saturday morning, there is nothing better than the town you grew up in, the routines of heading home, some of the most amazing work hard play hard souls, deserving of nothing more than a handshake a bloody good froth!

Gippy, a green patch of grass that’ll make a primary colour jealous, hills, farm yards, hard working until the horizon and some. The smell of fresh air passing through the wind farms, the warmest G’days at the local fruit markets, waves from Kilcunda to Malacoota, Bass to Gippy, Lefts, Rights, slabs, mellows. Farm animals fed better than I, and the hardest working folk in all aus in my eyes.
From hobby farms, to dairy, to warm coffees and freezing nights, to clear skys and busy pubs, Gippy holds some of the most warm and friendly communities that would welcome any froth sent their way.

These two towns, deserve a cheers and a few cold ones from me, I devote these pieces to the folk in the communities I love. To you guys x

Artist: Jake Ross

Jake Ross